• A reliable part of your supply chain

    NOLICOM is a flexibly organized family business that brings together a wide network of production specialist in the fields of vehicle industry, brake systems, air-conditioning, renewable energy sources and store equipment. As a long-term supplier, it provides high quality components for corporations with head offices in various EU countries.

  • Core-business activity of the company is a supply of more demanding and precisely handled castings, forgings, toothing, gearings and wire products.

    Products are manufactured with modern technologies and are known for stable quality. The company continuously upgrades its advantages with a partnership relationship, a high level of reliability and flexibility in supply, keeping to the agreed standards, and with meeting of specific customer’s requirements.

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    Established quality management system ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001 ensures a high level of professionalism and quality of business operations. The company strives to further upgrade achieved standards with an on-going cooperation with research and development institutions.

  • NOLICOM is organized as a leading company within a network of specialized manufacturing companies. It controls purchases of raw materials, financial and logistics management, and technological development.

    After two decades of development, the company has advanced into a reliable partner that can offer a long-term stability of supply, competitive prices and quality. Being a family-run business, NOLICOM holds a long tradition of business management, which engages an evident responsible attitude towards customers and the environment in which it operates.